Atlanta Sex Trade: Pimps Making More Than $32,000 A WEEK

Meaghan Ellis

The jaw-dropping information is actually factual. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, federally-funded study on the underground sex trade industry reveals that the city of Atlanta has been named the "Sex Trafficking Capital of the U.S."

The Urban Institute study also reveals that pimps in the city are making more than an estimated $32,000 a week. The detailed analysis observed eight U.S. cities - Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, San Diego, Seattle, Washington, D.C - in an effort to determine the size of the "underground sex economy," which consists of prostitution, child pornography and the sex trafficking of adults and children.

The conclusions were derived from examinations of crime data, and interviews of pimps, prostitutes and law enforcement officials between 2003 and 2007. The 339-page report indicates that 142 convicted pimps, prostitutes and child pornographers took part in the interview process. They were also given $50.00 gift cards in return for their cooperation.

Some of the interesting facts from the Urban Institute study include:

"My mother was a hustler," he explained. "At an early age, she would pick me up and say, 'This is my pimp here."

Some even concluded that the illegal "family business" was their way of life since childhood. On 45-year-old African American male explained the influence of what he'd experienced as a child just with some of the conversations he'd have with his aunt.

"At age five and six and seven, I seen it because my auntie was a whore. I've seen men come and go all the time, didn't know. One night, I saw and asked. She said, 'The clothes on your back, the apartment, this is how I pay the rent.' I had nothing but love for my auntie, that's what made me fall in love with a working woman. Then my sister and my momma did it. It's been in the family. My uncle and father were pimps."

Image(s) via Bing, Urban Institute Study