California Earthquake Only A 4.4, But 2014 Predictions Claim Disaster Ahead

A California earthquake welcomed the residents of Los Angeles to St. Patrick’s Day this morning. Fortunately, the U.S. Geological Survey says the 4.7 quake, as it was originally reported, turned out to be only a 4.4 magnitude quake. But California earthquake predictions in 2014 have scientists claiming there could be a future disaster.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the most recent California earthquake struck off of the Eureka coast. The magnitude 6.9 quake was followed by numerous aftershocks measuring 4.6, which makes the Los Angeles earthquake this morning look weak in comparison.

According to the National Earthquake Information Center, there were tens of thousands of earthquakes measured last year. The southern portion of California is actually more likely to have a major disaster compared to other areas in the state. Los Angeles is built on top of a large sedimentary basin that amplifies the effects of earthquakes, and directs the oscillating waves of dirt toward downtown. In addition, if an offshore 9.0 magnitude California earthquake were to trigger a tsunami, residents would only have a 15 minute warning at best. This wave of destruction could wash away whole sections of the coast, destroy highways, and knock down bridges.

The San Andreas fault has long inspired fears that a giant earthquake in California could cause the state to break off from the United States, or form a volcano. These worst case scenarios have spawned thriller movies, but is such a likelihood even possible? As it turns out, California earthquake predictions claim 2014 may the year of the “big one.”

Greg Beroza, a geophysics professor at Stanford, recently published his work in a January edition of the journal Science. Scientists discovered that, in addition to seismometers stationed near the San Andreas fault, they could use a computer simulation to make predictions based upon the “ambient seismic field generated by ocean waves interacting with the Earth.” Based upon the previous results they’ve been predicting a Los Angeles earthquake in 2014 that may be worse than feared.

Another organization called Global Weather Oscillations Inc. published a report in April of 2011 that claimed the California earthquake 2014 risk was far greater than other years. While they claim March has the high risk, they also say there is a 75 percent risk of a 7.0 to 8.0 magnitude Los Angeles earthquake from now until June of 2014. Their report also extends out to June of 2016, where the risk is said to diminish down to only seven percent.

Are you concerned about the California earthquake predictions for 2014? Would you risk living in Los Angeles given the potential threat?