Liam Payne Has No Problems With Harry Styles’ Popularity

Liam Payne doesn’t have a single problem with the amount of press fellow One Direction singer Harry Styles is receiving these days.

If you think Payne sits around and shakes his fist angrily at photos of Styles, then you’re seriously mistaken. Liam recently admitted that he doesn’t feel even a hint of jealousy about the headlines his bandmate tends to generate. In fact, Payne seems pretty happy that folks don’t pay as much attention to him.

The folks at Now magazine recently discussed with issue with Liam Payne. Instead of telling the world how much he’s jealous of Harry Styles, the singer revealed that he’s more than happy to step out of the spotlight.

“I would absolutely hate to be Harry. Because I don’t think I’d cope with that extra level of attention,” Liam recently explained.

There’s another reason why the guy isn’t too concerned about the attention some of the other One Direction fellas receive from the media. According to Digital Spy Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson make a bit more money than the other heartthrobs. Styles might have all the press, but Payne is reportedly cashing a much large paycheck.

Liam said of his arrangement with Louis:

“Louis and I have a little partnership going on. We’ve been pretty keen to start writing straight away. I’ve been in the studio already, it’s been going really well. Learning how to write is the best way of ensuring your career has longevity and that you have control over it.”

The Inquisitr has recently proven that Styles makes a ton of headlines wherever he goes. Not only have we covered the singer’s recent property purchase, the site has also reported rumors that the guy recently met up with Leonardo DiCaprio to discuss a possible future in Hollywood.

“Harry’s only told a few people and not many people know the exact location of the pad, but it is fairly spectacular, with an outdoor pool, home entertainment room and gym. Harry loves L.A. and feels really at home there. He also gets less hassled there because people are used to seeing A-listers all over the place,” a source said about his new home.

Regarding his visit with Leo, another insider dished, “Leo’s production company Appian Way has at least ten movie projects in the works with roles that could interest Harry. Leo’s invited Harry over to his house for a long weekend when their schedules allow to talk work and women. Bradley Cooper will probably be around too.”

Do you think Liam Payne deserves more attention from the media?