John Legend Avoids Writing Sad Songs To Keep Relationship Rumors At Bay

John Legend doesn’t spend a lot of time writing sad songs these days.

Since people often equate a musician’s lyrical content with their current state of affairs, the singer admitted that steering clear of morose tunes is essential to keeping relationship rumors under control. Since Legend is perfectly happy with his marriage to model Chrissy Teigen, he doesn’t want to give fans the wrong idea.

Anyone who’s followed Justin Timberlake over the past few months knows how cruel and unusual tabloids are when it comes to relationships. As soon as they smell blood in the water, divorce headlines quickly start making the rounds. According to John Legend, this is why he keeps the sad songs to a bare minimum.

“If I write about relationships gone bad in the future, I worry that people will think my marriage has gone bad. Everyone is so focused on my relationship with my wife after writing a really romantic album, and it’s interesting to see if people will read things into everything I write,” Legend recently told the Daily Star.

The singer continued, ” I got known for writing about men who cheat on my first album ‘Get Lifted’ in 2004 — and my fans won’t always want me to be so lovey-dovey in every song.”

John Legend fans shouldn’t worry too much about his marriage at the moment. How do John and Chrissy keep their romance going? According to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, the key to a healthy relationship is spending some time apart.

“Distance all the time. We’re constantly traveling. He’s always somewhere, so it’s cool to be like, ‘Okay. do you want to meet in Dallas?’ That’s what keeps it going honestly,” the 28-year-old told Life & Style.

However, just because Chrissy spends a lot of time away from Legend doesn’t mean she talks to him constantly on the phone. Teigen added, “I refuse to talk on the phone actually. I don’t talk to anybody on the phone. No one I work with. It’s very frustrating for them. I only email. I don’t talk to John for more than 40 seconds on the phone, so a lot of text messaging and Skype if he’s gone for a week or so.”

So let’s recap: Should John Legend decide to pen a few sad songs on any future albums, this doesn’t necessarily mean that his marriage to coming to an end. Sometimes a guy just needs to write a sappy love song to make you cry. Just ask Billy Ocean.

[John Legend Image via YouTube]