Flight MH370: The Top Crash And Hijacker Ideas And Conspiracy Theories

Flight MH370 has everyone guessing what really happened. What is it terrorism, a hijacking, or did Malaysia Flight 370 simply crash in an unexpected location?

First off, we’ll discuss what we do know for certain about Flight MH370. The theory that the plane suffered a catastrophic explosion mid-flight has known to be false since searches of locations where satellite images showed possible wreckage came up dry. Also, the two communication systems continued to send data. Since the aircraft’s data reporting system and transponder shut down 20 minutes apart it’s believed the communications systems were shut down manually by someone inside the airplane. The transponder also happens to be located between the pilot and co-pilot, although some believe it’s possible a developing power failure killed the two devices off one at a time.

This leads to the idea that the disappearance of Flight MH370 was purposeful. One US official claimed the Malaysia Flight 370 was an act of piracy. The pilots last words were, “All right, good night,” and as such pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah is being investigated as a possible suspect. One of the passengers was also a Chinese Muslim who allegedly completed flight training in 2006. He was is part of the Uighur group, which has been accused of waging jihad bomb attacks at railway stations in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Regardless of why Flight MH370 disappeared, the military apparently tracked the plane via radar for a time before it disappeared. It’s believed the plane flew westward toward Malaysia before turning northwest. Based upon fuel records it’s believed the plane could have crossed the Indian Ocean, crashed west of Malaysia, or disappeared somewhere into Asia. If, as some officials claim, Malaysia Flight 370 did land in Central Asia near the Chinese border it’s believed this would lend support to the theory that a member of the Uighur group was a hijacker.

Still, Flight MH370 is not the first plane to disappear without a trace. Some conspiracy theories have been floated, including one idea that states the plane landed at a secret Vietnam airport that has been abandoned for years. The idea is that the hijackers are now prepping the plane to be used in a terrorist attack similar to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. But the craziest conspiracy theories involve the Bermuda Triangle somehow sucking Flight MH370 into its void from across the planet. But this idea is said to be the result of scammers.