Mel Tillis' Heart Surgery A Success, Country Music Singer Recovering

Patrick Frye

Mel Tillis' heart surgery was a success, and the famous country music singer is already on the road to recovery. But we already knew that would happen since he's a heart healer, right?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, country music legend Ray Price passed away this past year after a long fight with cancer, although his death was prematurely announced by the family.

Very little has been announced about why Mel Tillis had to have surgery on his heart. Posts by the singer only say they he had a "routine heart surgery this past weekend." I don't know about you, but heart surgery is usually never routine. But the good news is that he's recovering very nicely and is already up and about while making jokes.

His daughter, Pam Tillis, says:

"In typical Mel Tillis fashion, he's already cutting up and cracking jokes with the nurses.... Dad is doing great and is happy to be leaving the hospital in time to catch today's Florida vs. Missouri game."

So far he's spent about a week in Nashville's TriStar Centennial Heart & Vascular Center while recovering. Mel Tillis' tour dates will probably be put on hold following the heart surgery, but it's already being claimed he'll be releasing new music in 2014.

— Grand Ole Opry (@opry) March 11, 2014