‘Steak And BJ Day’ Was Today — Wait, Did You Miss It? Better Luck Next Year

“Steak and BJ Day” was today March 14. Wait, you missed it? Well, either you’re one unlucky guy — or just a male with half a brain in your head who doesn’t base your life and romantic relationships on stupid stuff you read on the internet.

So, if you can’t figure it out on your own, Steak and BJ Day, falling one month after Valentine’s Day, is supposed to be an answer to that fluffy, romantic holiday for red-blooded guy’s guys who like to keep things simple.

“Men work very hard to satisfy their lovers on Valentine’s Day, and given their ebullient dedication, Steak and B***J** Day is a joyous opportunity to repay the favor,” says the Steak and BJ Day “official” online site — though who designated the site “official” we have no idea. We’re not including a link to the site because it is NSFW, but it’s easy to find.

Anyway, the basic idea of Steak and BJ day is that women don’t need to buy presents or cards or candy. No expensive restaurant reservations, champagne or bubble baths. Just cook the lucky man in your life a slab of red meat, then give him a — well, you get the idea.

This “holiday” has a Facebook page with close to 95,000 “likes” at last count, so someone out there is paying attention. But seriously, guys, is this alleged “holiday” really necessary? Or it just another opportunity for men to make women serve them hand, foot and — elsewhere. As if our society did not have enough of those opportunities already.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s nothing wrong with steak, unless you’re a cow. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with, well, whatever takes place between consenting, hopefully loving adults in the privacy of their own domiciles. But designating a “day” for women to serve men both of these things leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

After all, isn’t Valentine’s Day that day?

As the women’s blog The Jane Dough explained:

“‘Steak and B***j** Day’ is the White History Month of holidays; the type of delusional push back based on the idea that men are being asked to do TOO MUCH. Attention SB&J Day fans: Every day is Steak and BJ Day. We live in a patriarchal society; if you’re a man, the way our society is is like a personal Valentine to you. Also, Valentine’s Day is also for men! If both halves of a couple aren’t getting something out of a holiday meant to celebrate love then they are both doing it wrong.”

Before anyone gets too worked up about Steak and BJ Day one way or the other, however, let’s look at what the “holiday” really is — an opportunity to sell stuff. The “official” web site has a whole variety of Steak and BJ Day merchandise available, and whoever is behind the site has hired busty adult model Tay Stevens (see photo above) to entice guys to buy all that stuff.

And the end of the day, Steak and BJ Day is about the same thing most other days are about, these days. That is, separating you from your money.