Osama bin Laden Cell Phone Linked To Pakistani Government

Before, during and after the capture of Al-Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden the Pakistani government swore up and down that they had no idea where he was hiding, despite the fact that Osama was located just blocks from one of the countries biggest military compounds and now U.S. officials have revealed that a cellphone linked to Osama had contact information for a militant group with known ties to the Pakistan intelligence agency.

According to the discovery the group Harakat-ul-Mujahedeen was linked to Osama, while Pakistani officials say “no smoking gun” has been discovered to link Osama’s involvement with the group back to official Pakistan agencieis.

At least one call from the phone was traced back to the Pakistan intelligence agency and one American official revealed:

“It’s a serious lead. It’s an avenue we’re investigating.”

If more calls are revealed to have been delivered to the Pakistani government it could mean trouble for the country who had claimed to be working side-by-side with the U.S. and world governments to bring Osama to justice.

[Source: NY Times]