Robert Kirkman: This Is 'The Walking Dead' Episode You Have To Watch

If season four of The Walking Dead has been criticized by fans for its slow progression, then creator Robert Kirkman insists that this Sunday's episode is practically must see TV.

Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comic book and one of the executive producers on the show, told Entertainment Weekly regarding this week's episode:

"[It's] definitely one that people are going to remember and it's definitely one people are going to talk about. If there is one episode of The Walking Dead that you absolutely had to watch this season, it would be this one."


[Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead]

Now what that statement actually means is certainly grounds for debate. Fans of The Walking Dead have come to learn that the most memorable episodes of the show usually end with one of their favorite character's death, as was the case during the season four mid-season finale when Herschel met a grisly fate.

But perhaps Robert Kirkman was hinting at other possibilities for the characters besides just their death. The way season four of The Walking Dead has progressed, there have been a number of tantalizing pairings of characters not often seen on screen together, to which Kirkman acknowledged to EW, "We really wanted to do the most interesting pair ups. We wanted to do a few things."

One such pairing that has created a stir amongst The Walking Dead faithful is the relationship between Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus and Beth Greene, played by Emily Kinney. Dubbed "Bethyl" or "Beryl" by online shippers, there has been a significant push to pair these two characters together romantically. Kirkman however sees things a bit differently:

"They're growing close, just as anyone who is stuck in that situation would grow close. Now whether or not that is going to evolve into a romantic relationship remains to be seen."

Another Walking Dead pairing that could come to a head is that of Carol and Tyreese. During the first half of season four Carol was revealed to have been behind the murder of Tyreese's girlfriend - albeit for altruistic reasons - a fact Tyreese himself has yet to discover. The fact that the two have been paired together is a fact Kirkman acknowledged was no accident:

"Of course Tyreese gets put with Carol because there is so much story potential there with those two being together after what Carol has done and the fact that Tyreese just didn't happen to get that information."
What do you think will happen in this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead?

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