Republican President Hopefuls Must Find New Voice

The 2016 Republican President hopefuls are a list of 10-11 names that many of us have heard before. Names like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz all show the new blood of the Republican Party. However, the voice remains the same. At each candidate's core remains similar beliefs including, smaller government, free market economy (nobody uses the word 'Capitalism' anymore), energy independence, maintaining 2nd Amendment rights and typically anti abortion.

However, with these simple ideas, the GOP can't seem to grab the attention of voters at the booth. And why is that? The Grand Old Party has done a great job of attracting Grand Old People. The conservative mindset is lost on many of the younger generation. At a time when the voting pool is growing in its youth, the Republican Party continues to present their values in a way that their base can appreciate but not many others. The party is shrinking, dividing and dying.

As the old phrase goes, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." While nobody behind this article is accusing the GOP of being insane, it does stand to argue that the Republican Party is walking the same path time and time again expecting new scenery. Republican presidential nominees need to figure a way to connect with youthful voters who are possibly the most intelligent of any other generation's young voters.

Our young voters are more astute than ever. They understand issues, more information is readily available for everybody to read and digest. The GOP has spent the last 20 years attempting to connect with people who share the same belief in every core value rather than hedging the vote. The next Republican President nominee has to understand that connection with people trumps ramming core value down their throats. Young voters are more capable of compromising differences for likeness, if the agreed issue is more important to the voter than the differing opinion. You know? Compromise.

So, how to successfully connect with America's voting youth? First, Republicans have to understand that their core values do not have to change. However, attacking the beliefs of others is not a winning strategy. Calling supporters of abortion rights "Satanists" or "savages" will not allow a presidential candidate into the hearts of many voters. There are plenty of voters who did not, and do not agree with everything President Barack Obama stands for. However, he does not have a history of attacking the beliefs of others. There are lots of pro-life Democrats who may disagree with Obama on this issue and others, but he remains relatable in other core values.

The American people have spoken in poll after poll showing that we are not happy with the performance of our government, compromise and open discussion is favorable to just about everybody. A compromising government works most efficiently and is held in a higher regard than our current state of governing. The goal of the next Republican candidate for president must show willingness to compromise, compassion, or even respect for people and cut the pandering and rhetoric. Until the GOP understands this simple solution, the candidate they present for Republican President will make no difference.