Justin Bieber Gets ‘Banksy’ Tattoo, The Artist Mysteriously Calls It ‘Controversial’

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo. It’s an unusual though not original choice.

The 20-year-old now has a large image of a famous work by Banksy “Balloon Girl” – a Brit graffiti artist and political activist/film director – tattooed on his right arm.

Bieber tweeted a photo of his new body art on Thursday, deleting it shortly after. The same snap can be seen at his Shots of Me page, the selfie app he invested in.

Justin’s picture is captioned “Don’t let your dreams float away” and — just like Banksy’s — shows a little girl stretching her right hand to a heart-shaped balloon.

For fans who may have nursed a hope that the singer would leave his right arm tattoo-free, the addition of a “Jester” and “Love” back in January were signs more would follow.

They can expect Bieber’s right arm to follow the way of his left and boast a complete sleeve at some point.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: The singer’s new ‘Bansky Tattoo’ via Shots Of Me)

An almost complete log of the singer’s inkings — they missed the seagull on his left hip — was documented by the Miami Beach Police Department following Bieber’s DUI arrest while allegedly drag racing on January 23.

We’re not even going to try to count Bieber’s tats. Suffice it to say, the Canadian has lots of religious and animal imagery on his body.

The tattoo was inked by fellow Canadian Glen Hartless on Wednesday, who later explained on Instagram after criticism, “We weren’t after a carbon copy rip off. More subtle imagery.”

Mail Online notes, a Facebook page widely thought to be Banksy’s posted a picture of the singer and said new tattoo, linked to the star and wrote, “Controversial.”

Which could mean he loved it, considering Banksy is all about pushing against the norm — if indeed it was Banksy responding.

The UK paper notes numerous commenters at the Facebook page appear to think tattooing a famous image is theft and are calling for the artist to sue.

It isn’t theft.

Some also appear to think Bieber’s arm should be amputated.

It really shouldn’t.

Justin Bieber Tattoo Done

(Photo: Getting inked up.)

So why did Justin get this particular tattoo inked?

Apart from his likely admiration of Banksy’s graffiti, Bieber’s caption “Don’t let your dreams float away,” and the heart-shaped balloon, suggests holding onto something that you love once you have it.

Bansky Rendered Art

(Photo: Original Banksy “Balloon Girl”).

Re-enter actress-singer Selena Gomez.

Bieber flew to McAllen,Texas on March 7 — the day after his difficult deposition related to a photographer’s assault lawsuit — during which he had a highly, emotional reaction to being questioned about Gomez.

Over the weekend, the pair were seen “hugging and kissing” at breakfast and other spots in the Rio Grande Valley.

Bieber also dedicated a song to the Spring Breakers star – who was at the gig – during his surprise SXSW appearance last Sunday.


The clips were later deleted, but their statement was heard around the world.

This January, they were seen riding Segways in Bieber’s old Calabasas neighborhood, with him Instagramming a tender picture of the pair two days later. It was captioned, “Love the way you look at me.”

Selena entered rehab the next day. All hell would break loose when Bieber was accused of egging his ex-neighbor’s house on January 9, then arrested on suspicion of DUI in Miami Beach on January 23, turning himself in to be charged with assault days later in Toronto.

But while the lovebirds are presumably delighted by their reunion, People magazine reports Selena’s family are “disappointed” to see the rekindling of their relationship.

Meanwhile, Seth Rogen and many other celebrities’ public trashing of Bieber continues amid bogus tabloid reports that he is already cheating and a false report that Taylor Swift has “cut off” Selena over the reconciliation.

There’s probably a part of Bieber that wonders if he and Selena can withstand the dominant negative media narrative, her family’s reported disapproval and others’, and his approaching court dates?

“Don’t let your dreams float away,” has never seemed more appropriate.

For a gallery of Bieber’s tattoos click the highlight.