Justin Bieber Bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, Denied Canada Entry Over Criminal Cases

Justin Bieber’s bodyguard Hugo Hesny has reportedly been denied entry into Canada due to pending criminal cases filed against him.

Hesny, 32, is a member of Bieber’s bodyguard team and was part of the security detail that flew with the singer from Texas to Canada earlier this week. But Hesny was turned away at airport customs after his rap sheet flagged up, according to TMZ.

The website adds Bieber paid for a one-way ticket back to the US for the bodyguard.

Canadian outlets reported Bieber returned to Canada late Tuesday, March 11 into the morning of March 12.

The singer has since posted videos and photos of impromptu meets with fans in Toronto, and is thought to be staying at the farmhouse he bought for his father Jeremy and step-siblings just outside Stratford.

Hesny’s name may be familiar to IQ readers. He is the bodyguard being sued with Bieber in a civil assault case filed by photographer Jeffrey Binion, who alleges the superstar ordered security to confront him outside a Miami recording studio last June when he was seen taking photos of Justin.

Binion, 56, says Hensy threw him against a wall, held him in a choke hold, and displayed a firearm he isn’t authorized to carry in Florida, while other bodyguards took his camera and memory card to delete photos.

On June 5, 2013 Binion reported the alleged assault to Miami-Dade police and Hesny was charged with battery over the incident.

“Hesny pleaded not guilty to the Florida charge on January 20 and is awaiting an April 9 court hearing in Miami in that case, according to records from the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts,” The Associated Press reports.

During the now infamous 4 1/2 hour deposition on March 6, Bieber was asked by Binion’s attorney Mark DiCowden how he disciplined Hesny.

To which the 20-year-old replied sarcastically, “Is he, like my son?”

Of the criminal cases Hesny is involved in, the most recent took place in Atlanta, Georgia, where Bieber has been staying while he sold his $6.5 million property and adjoining land in Calabasas, California.

On February 25, Hesny scuffled with a photographer at an arcade Bieber had rented out for his crew. Local police later said Hesny was arrested after he stole the camera of 38-year old photographer Jason Winslow following a verbal confrontation.

Hesny was taken to Fulton County Jail charged with Felony Entering Auto. He was released on $ 15,000 bond and appeared in court on March 12, AP notes.

Police said Bieber was not involved in the incident and wasn’t outside when the confrontation took place.

On December 28, in another incident in which Bieber wasn’t involved (the pop singer was in Canada), Hesny and Michael Arana — who is also a Bieber bodyguard — were arrested for allegedly attacking a police officer in Miami, Florida.

“Police confirmed the two were arrested Saturday night after a ‘Miami Meet Up’ for Justin’s new movie in Aventura, Florida,” TMZ wrote at the time.

The website added, “Details of the incident are sketchy, but we know Hesny was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer and his bail was set at $10.5K. Arana was popped for disorderly conduct and bail was set at $1,500.”

Back in November 2013 during the Australia leg of Bieber’s Believe tour, Hesny was filmed kicking the door of a paparazzo following an SUV convoy believed to be carrying Justin and a group of friends in Sydney, Nine MSN reported.

Other incidents of alleged aggression by Bieber’s bodyguards occurred in Australia, off-tour in Hawaii and numerous stops along his tour.

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