Paul Walker’s Sunglasses And Other Items In Deadily Wreckage For Sale

Items from Paul Walker’s car wreck are being sold in an auction. According to the seller, Walker’s sunglasses, debris from the wreckage, and a fire extinguish which was used in an attempt to save the Fast & Furious star, are currently online and looking to be bought. There’s no doubt that Walker’s sunglasses, which he allegedly had on at the time of the crash, will probably wrack up a huge chunk of money during the auction.

According to Kieta, an acquisitions specialist at, the sunglasses are indeed Walker’s and her evidence for this is that her team photo-matched the sunglasses to the one’s that Walker was wearing on the day of the crash. Since Walker’s death on November 30, photos have emerged of Paul wearing the shades.

Kieta also said that she collected a statement from the initial person that collected the items. Although the seller’s name was not given, if these items are authentic than the person must have been one of the hundreds that gathered outside of the scene that day in Santa Clarita, California.

The seller claimed to TMZ that police told him to “stay away” from the scene, but after everything was cleared out, the seller obtained Walker’s sunglasses in a bush. The location of the bush is said to not be too far from where the Porsche Cerrera was when it crashed. Unlike Walker’s sunglasses, the anonymous seller didn’t divulge on how he obtained the fire extinguisher.

This isn’t the only incident where someone grabbed items from Paul Walker’s wreckage. 18-year-old Jameson Witty was arrested when he was accused of stealing items while the 2005 Porsche was being towed away from the scene. A second suspect, a 25-year-old man arranged a surrender when he was caught.

BidAMI decided to put items of Walker’s crash up for auction on Thursday and due to the response the site subsequently crashed. According to Kieta, who would not give her last name, the intentions are from a “place of respect. He wanted to do this for good, not anything disrespectful.” On the site it states that “A portion of the proceeds will benefit one of the main charities BidAMI partners with.”

Paul Walker, who was 40 years old at the time of his tragic death ran a charity called Reach Out World Wide, which was dedicated to providing a relief team and early responders to areas that have experienced massive devastation. When Walker died he was leaving a charity event for ROWW with his business partner Roger Rodas, who also perished in the car crash.

[Image credit: Bing]