‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson: Don’t Let Fame Lose Your Faith

Duck Dynasty star, Sadie Robertson, recently said in an interview with Fox 411, that she is putting her faith first before fame.

Most of the time, child stars would end doing some crazy things the older they get. Miley Cyrus was making headlines for posing topless. Justin Beiber dropped $75,000 in a Miami strip club. Jennette McCurdy had selfies, only in lingerie, leaked on the internet, and Ariana Grande recently explained why some Americans look like “cows”.

Sadie Robertson is one of the few, breaking the cursed stereotype, and keeping her faith first. Sadie even had some interesting insights on fame, and its relationship with faith. She explained this more thoroughly, during the interview, but pretty much said:

“I think people use fame as an excuse to lose their faith. Faith is obviously my number one priority and I think you need to put God at the top of everything you do.

Sadie, along with the rest of the Robertson clan, became an overnight success thanks to their family’s hit show, on the A&E Network, Duck Dynasty. Written on the Gospel Herald, the show is famous for the Robertson clan’s dry humor and whit, passion for hunting, strong family values, and faith in Christ. Thankfully, the family, Sadie included, have not been phased by their sudden popularity, even when being criticized for their beliefs. Sadie enforces this view through the statement below:

“We wouldn’t have anything that we do have if it weren’t for God, and we have to give Him the glory for everything.”

“When you’re famous, you do get so much attention that I can see how you could just think the world of yourself. I think if you go into it thinking that this is not for me, that this is for God, you’ll be okay.”

Also, Sadie’s faith is accounted due to the support of the rest of the Robertson clan. Prior to Duck Dynasty, the entire family sat down at dinner, like they usually do at the end of each episode on the show, and discussed what the show would be all about by establishing some ground rules. Sadie even confirms the Robertson clan was aspiring to share their faith in Christ with others through the show.

Outside of Duck Dynasty, Sadie is quite successful on her own. She’s performed a duet with country superstar, Allison Kraus, walked the runway in New York fashion week, and co-hosts a popular Youtube series called The New Different, along with Preacher’s Daughters star, Kolby Koloff. But still, Sadie places her faith first.

Despite the verbal persecutions, Sadie is thankful for everything she, and the entire Robertson clan, have and says the good definitely outweigh the bad by stating:

This world can influence you in some bad ways. I know I couldn’t do it by myself and my family reminds me why I’m doing this. We wouldn’t have anything that we do have if it weren’t for God and we have to give Him the glory for everything.

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