Michigan Doctor Accused Of Being Cult Leader And Making Staff Live In A Commune

Lois Tullis

Michigan chiropractor Dr. Craig Stasio has been accused of being a cult leader who manipulates college girls into working at his massage parlor. Parents of the girls employed at the Agape Massage Therapy & Chiropractic clinic believe Stasio brainwashes the girls and them convinces them to live at a commune while employed at the business.

The Michigan doctor operates a practice in Clinton Township. The parents of the college girls claim that their daughters have dropped out of college, given up their career aspirations, and even ditched their families in order to live in the commune and work for Craig Stasio. It is not currently known if the chiropractor also lives at the commune.

Stasio's massage therapists reportedly refer to him as "the prophet." As if following a cult playbook from the 1970s, the young women have called home to let their parents know that they would be severing all contact with them. Photos taken of some of the women who live and work together show the former coeds in what has been deemed a trance-like state.

Former Detroit television news anchor Rich Fisher had this to say about his daughter's involvement with Dr. Craig Stasio's alleged cult:

"My big concern came when all of the sudden my daughter dropped out of Wayne State University. She's giving, like most of the other people, massages, because that apparently is what he teaches."
"We are a Christian faith-based company offering both massage therapy and chiropractic services. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!"

An excerpt from a health department document from the complaint reads:

"Respondent asked W.W. to give him a massage so that he could critique her technique. Respondent and W.W. went to W.W.'s individual massage room – located just down the hall from the reception area. Respondent has admitted that once he and W.W. were in the massage room together, Respondent engaged in a sexually explicit conversation and sexual activity with W.W. that resulted in Respondent ejaculating on the floor."

Sources reportedly close to the story, quite possibly the parents, told the local media that Dr. Craig Stasio preaches a doomsday prophecy.

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