Madison Home Invasion: Pregnant Woman Raped By Mistake

A brutal home invasion in Madison, Wisconsin last month was a case of mistaken identity when the criminals apparently got the wrong home.

Madison police authorities say that the three men who forced their way into a home to severely beat a man and repeatedly rape his pregnant wife meant to target a different home for a robbery.

The three thugs involved in the Madison home invasion face sexual assault and armed robbery charges stemming from the violent attack in which they were looking for money and found the couple in bed.

In a criminal complaint filed on Tuesday, Efemia A. Neumaier, 21, allegedly sent the trio to the home of her boyfriend telling them they would find at least $1,500 in cash, however, the assailants broke into the house next door.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr the home invasion took place in the Madison’s east side on February 23 and all three men identified as Michon A. Thomas, Eric D. Bass, and Kristopher J. Hughes face robbery and sexual assault charges.

The man Neumaier was dating found the messages to Thomas planning the attack on Facebook. The woman faces conspiracy to commit armed robbery charges.

According to the complaint, the couple was taken by surprised while they tried to sleep at 5 am, Sunday and the three men burst into their bedroom pulling the male victim — who is legally blind — out of bed and ordering the woman out in the hallway.

“Someone’s gonna die tonight,” one of the suspects said, the complaint reads. One suspect was allegedly wearing a “Scream” mask.

The female victim in the Madison home invasion case repeatedly told the three men that she was pregnant and they could take whatever they wanted from the house.

Hughes reportedly pulled the man from bed and hit him in the head with a baseball bat, while punching his body several times.

Meanwhile another suspect pulled the woman from the bed and made her lay on her stomach out in the hallway threatening her with a gun pointed at her stomach and telling her “You are going to die tonight.”

All three men gang raped the pregnant woman and one of the suspects is accused of forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

After the home invasion and assault the men left the Madison residence with electronics, the couple’s credit cards and wedding rings. The victims went to neighbors for help.

The male victim had a baseball-sized contusion to his head, while the woman was bleeding from the assault, the report indicated.

Altogether, six people are being held in connection with the Madison home invasion, but public defenders have not been assigned to the suspects’ defense yet. Local authorities say this is one of the most violent cases they have seen in their career.

[Image via The Inquisitr