Jason Biggs Makes Flight MH370 Joke On Twitter, But Is It Too Soon?

Jason Biggs quickly discovered that some people don’t believe the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is a laughing matter.

The Orange is the New Black star quickly caught the internet’s attention after making a joke about the missing plane while watching The Bachelor. If the guy was just hoping to get some attention and free publicity, then it certainly worked. It didn’t take very long for people to take issue with Jason Biggs and his questionable joke.

Not surprisingly, quite a few people took issue with Jason Biggs after the post started making the rounds. Sensing that the tweet would soon catch the attention of the media, he started taking shots at E! Online and TMZ.

He also criticized journalist Nick Bond for not including any positive reactions to the Flight MH370 joke in his article.

To top everything off, Biggs ended this series of tweets with yet another Flight MH370 joke. However, it didn’t seem to have the same impact as his original joke.

Although some folks certainly seemed amusing by Jason’s obsession with The Bachelor and inappropriate jokes — most of them were of the “lol” and “you won the internet” variety — others thought his quip about the Malaysian Airlines flight was a little too soon.

Not everyone on the planet felt the need to throw some 140-character hate in Jason Biggs’ general direction. While many believe the joke was inappropriate and cold, there were a few supporters out there who don’t mind having a laugh at tragedy.

Were you offended by the jokes Jason Biggs made about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? Do you think it’s way too soon to start making light of the tragedy?

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