Jen Selter: Butt Queen Vanity Fair Photo Shoot Behind-The-Scenes Video

Jen Selter, the internet butt queen who shot to fame earlier this year on the strength of her large and impressively sculpted posterior, has now truly arrived. She has received the ultimate certification as a genuine American celebrity — a photo spread in Vanity Fair.

March is not even half over, but it was only January 2, less than three months ago, that Jen Selter was just another character on Instagram. True, she’d attracted over a million followers with her steady stream of “belfies,” that is, selfies that highlight her butt. But otherwise, Jen Selter was just another 20-year-old from Long Island.

Then along came the New York Post, which ran a feature on her that day. And everything changed. Before the month was out, Jen Selter had singed a contract with a major sports agency, soon after that, she landed a lucrative endorsement deal.

And now — Vanity Fair. With a photo spread cleverly — or maybe no so cleverly — titled, “Rear Admirably.”

While Jen Selter’s choice to appear in the magazine is highly understandable, the truth is, her own “belfies” are better photos and capture more of her natural, girl-next-door appeal. Posing for the most part in workout tights, she appears unpretentious and somehow real.

But in the Vanity Fair photo shoot, not only is Jen Selter heavily made up, she appears heavily photoshopped as well — nearly unrecognizable. In the high-gloss fashion-style photos, she wears a fishnet body suit, her hair is laquered down and her face appears almost painted on.

Does this Jen Selter…

…look like this Jen Selter?

Still, who are we to complain? Jen Selter is on the ride of her life and she should make the most if it while it lasts. As the Vanity Fair copy that accompanies her photos says, “The catcallers, the X-rated commenters, the feminist critics, though? File them under #haters.”

Vanity Fair was kind enough to make available a behind the scenes video of the Jen Selter photo shoot, so you can watch the butt queen in action as she seizes her moment in the celebrity spotlight.