Lena Dunham Threatens Retirement After She Fails To Bring The Funny

Lena Dunham was considered one of the up and coming actresses of her generation not that long ago. Now the Girls actress is taking heat after what is being described as a failed appearance on Saturday Night Live. That appearance was followed by a molestation joke that had Twitter followers up in arms.

Now, while Dunham would never admit her lack of “bringing the funny” is to blame, Lena is threatening to give up acting all together. Dunham appeared on the cover of the April issue of Glamour magazine and also sat down for an interview.

It was in this interview that Lena Dunham talked about possibly giving up acting in the very near future.

“I don’t know if I’m going to want to act anymore,” Lena said. “I’m always relieved on the days I don’t have to. I’d rather give parts to other women than be the woman having the parts.” While that doesn’t sound like its flat out retirement, it does sound like her career would at least take an unexpected turn.

Dunham got her start in the entertainment business as a writer and is the lead writer on the hit HBO show, Girls. Since becoming a reluctant star within her show, she’s seemed to embrace the fame and power that she’s gained with the stardom.

Dunham is also learning that fame is a fickle mistress and one wrong move can make your fans turn on you. When you are someone who has been vocal about your political views, as Dunham has been the public can turn even quicker.

Lena is seemingly following a growing list of young stars who are starting to talk about ending their careers at an earlier age. Dunham wouldn’t likely be ending her career as much as she would be stepping out television’s limelight and into her more favored role as a writer.

During the same interview, Dunham talked about how hard she worked making Girls the show its become in the last few years. “I want you to feel like you are getting lost with these characters,” Lena said of her show. “So I write long scenes. TV feels the least like life when it’s like two seconds here, then ‘meanwhile at this person’s house.’ I wanted to make a show that wasn’t as bright as other shows.”

Whether or not Lena Dunham does indeed quit acting, she’s got a few things she can certainly fall back on.