Queen’s Guard Finally Cracks a Smile In Hilarious YouTube Clip [Video]

In the funny YouTube clip, Yankel — who appears to be on a trip with his buddies — tentatively approaches a stationed British queen’s guard. While Yankel is initially pretty hesitant in how he approaches the guard, it doesn’t take him long to get going.

The camera man told Yankel that he could stand right next to the guard, but that he shouldn’t touch the guard. Upon reaching the guard, instead of trying to talk to the queen’s guard, Yankel instead chooses to talk about the guard.

In the YouTube clip, Yankel starts off by claiming that he and the queen’s guard were together in school, but the guard then “went his own way.”

That was just the first of several comments that laid the groundwork for the smile that the queen’s guard finally cracks toward the end of the video. Here are the other comments that led up to the smile at the end of the video:

“He was never talkative. I remember him in school. He used to sit by himself and read books.”

At this point, the queen’s guard’s eyes start to dart around a little bit, but there is no smile on his face. Yankel continued:

“I was just this guy fooling around and having fun. You ask him questions and he would just answer with his head. ‘Yeah.’ ‘No.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘No.’

‘What’s your name?’ ‘No.’

What? Is that your name? A shake of your head is not a name.”

Now, the queen’s guard has started to look around a little more and purses his lips a couple times. No smile on his face yet, but you can see in his eyes that he is amused. The came the clincher:

“His mother always picked him up from school. You know he was that kind of guy. His mother always picked him up from school — until he was 20.”

At this point, the queen’s guard couldn’t take it any more. A full grin and a shake of his head was all that was needed for Yankel and his friends to erupt in celebration.

Perhaps there are some who want to see the queen’s guard always stoic, but don’t count Yankel and his friends among that group.

Image via funnycommercialsworld.com