Juan Pablo Reportedly Proposes To Nikki Ferrell Amid Controversy

The Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell roller coaster ride has taken another twist with reports that the seemingly reluctant Bachelor has proposed to the woman he refused to offer a ring to on the show’s finale.

Juan Pablo capped off a wild season of The Bachelor by picking Nikki, but refusing to actually propose to her or even say “I love you” when she said it to him. The awkwardness continued on the live After The Final Rose program, where host Chris Harrison got into some spats with Juan Pablo and goaded the Bachelor to say “I love you,” which he again did not.

But amid reports that the couple had actually broken up, new rumors say that Juan Pablo and Nikki are now secretly engaged.

The report can be taken with a grain of salt. The rumor comes via the gossip blog CelebDirtyLaundry, which offers no verification and had actually reported just hours earlier that the couple was breaking up.

The report noted:

“Despite all the rumors regarding Juan Pablo’s disinterest in Nikki Ferrell, sources tell CDL exclusively that Juan and Nikki are still planning to go through with a wedding. According to the sources, both Juan and Nikki are playing up the tabloid rumors because it’s gaining them more public attention, but in reality, they’re both in love and planning to get married.

“Apparently, Juan’s just waiting for the right moment to propose, but he’s still planning on proposing. He has the ring from the Neil Lane jewelry on hold, and he’s taking advantage of the media blitz to create the perfect moment for Nikki.”

There is good reason to doubt the engagement report, however. Both Juan Pablo and Nikki have been taking heaps of criticism, he for his rudeness and she for being a doormat to him. If they were truly engaged, they could put an immediate end to all of the finger-pointing and instead join the small ranks of happy and healthy Bachelor/Bachelorette couples.