Police Arrest Denver Man Who Stole A Car With A Child Inside! [Video]

A 28-year-old man has been arrested by the Colorado State Patrol after a wild car chase in Denver involving three vehicles, one of which was stolen along with a 4-year-old kid sitting inside it. Ryan Stone, who is in custody now, ensured that law enforcement authorities around the Denver area had a hectic start to the day.

According to ABC News, it all started at around 7 am MDT when Stone stole a sport utility vehicle with a child inside it from a gas station in Longmont, north of Denver. The owner of the car was inside the store, next to the gas station when Ryan sped away with the vehicle and headed south on the Interstate 25. Authorities were immediately notified, and a State Patrol officer spotted the car. Television helicopters got a whiff of the incident and within no time, were covering the dramatic chase – live.

Half an hour later, Ryan decided to ditch the car. He stopped next to a minivan, carjacked it and headed the wrong way on the Interstate 76. In the meantime, officers stationed in his path tried to throw out stop sticks – but the driving was so erratic, they couldn’t manage to do much.

Finally, after ending up on E-470 southbound, officers once again started efforts to use stop sticks to end the chase. In the midst of one such attempt, Trooper Bellamann Hee, an eight-year veteran of the CSP was hit by the car and was rushed to the hospital. He is currently in a stable condition.

Soon after, Ryan was seen exiting E 470 and bumped into a car described to be a Lexus, forcing the sole woman passenger out. The woman tried to fight back – but was soon overpowered.

He continued on further and caused a crash at an intersection following which he took off on foot. He lost his jacket while frantically running away from the police. Finally, he came across a fence which was simply too high for him to jump and decided to give up.

Ryan Stone had, by the end of this chase, covered more than 75 miles in and around Denver. After his capture, it was revealed that he is wanted in a drug case. Arapahoe County court records revealed that Stone was arrested on February 12 by an Aurora police officer for a traffic violation. He was found to have been in possession of drugs at that time and was asked to appear in court on March 4. He didn’t – and since then, had a court order issued against him.

The boy inside the stolen car escaped unhurt and was identified as Allan Chavarria-Rodriguez. Even though the chase ended with a crash at an intersection, no one was seriously hurt during the ordeal.

[Image Via NBC News]