Target Apologizes For Photoshop Fail

Target’s in hot water once again after a Photoshop fail left swimsuit models with a rather noticeable thigh gap. While Target has apologized for the thigh gap incident, many are still fuming.

“It was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize,” Target spokesman Evan Miller told ABC News “We removed the image from the site and we’re working to get a new image up there.”

Even after Target’s apology, according to ABC News, many are still angry over the Photoshop fail. “If it weren’t part of an ongoing attempt to mold unrealistic bodies in fashion marketing, it would almost be funny,” The Ethical Adman wrote on his blog. Just check out two of the images captured before target removed them from their website:

So besides the embarrassing Photoshop fail, why is Target receiving so much backlash? It’s no secret that Photoshopping models is a regular practice when it comes to selling, well, anything. Well, according to the Huffington Post, “the only thing worse than Photoshopping adult models is Photoshopping junior models, who market to young girls”. The Huffington Post isn’t the only one who believes that Photoshopping junior models is an unhealthy practice, just check out what Twitter had to say about it:

Maybe we shouldn’t photoshop bodies when they’re perfectly fine, hmmmmm @Target?

— (@fauuxrios) March 12, 2014

Shame on you @Target Girls already have pressure enough to look thin. Target’s Latest Photoshop Fail via @TargetStyle

— miss t (@IHeartEverythng) March 12, 2014

Target makes a photoshop error on a girl’s swimsuit ad and gives vivid example of why teens suffer from image issues.

— Jake Trevino (@JakeATrevino) March 12, 2014

The photo of the model in white has been receiving the most criticism because she reportedly had more Photoshop blunders than just the thigh gap. The model reportedly had a part of her ribcage and hip missing. Some complaints stated that Target’s Photoshop job left the model with legs and arms that looked much too thin and that her hand looked almost “alien.”

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[photo credit: j.reed via photopin cc]