Kris Jenner Played A Major Role In Kanye’s Proposal To Kim

Did Kris Jenner plan Kanye West’s proposal to her daughter Kim Kardashian? Well, she may not have planned everything, but she did reveal that she played a major part in organizing of the event; including the guest list.

“I played a major role in organizing and running the event,” Kris explained. “As part of this I was directly involved in formulating and was familiar with the guest list.”

Kanye’s very unique proposal to his fiancé, and mother to his eight-month-old daughter North, was recently aired on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. The elaborate event was kept a secret from Kim, and he surprised her by proposing in the center of a baseball field with all of her friends and family their to witness the moment.

“I get goose-bumps every single time I see it, every time,” the matriarch of the family said. “I was there and I still cry when I watch the episode. What a great guy. I mean, he kind of ruined it for everybody else. He’s a good guy.”

Kris was one of the few people that knew what Kanye was planning to do. Even Kim’s sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were kept out of the loop. Jenner admits that she was a nervous wreck, even though she knew what was about to happen.

“Inside I was dying because I knew what was about to happen,” she said. “And when the car drove in and we could hear the tires on the gravel… Now every time I watch that car drive in, I literally come unglued.”

While the proposal was nearly perfect, Kris admits that there were still dramatic occurrences. Court documents were drawn up before the proposal, giving exclusivity to E!. However, Chad Hurley, one of the guests, leaked footage of the event on YouTube, and will now be facing legal action. Kris explained that Hurley was not even on the guest list; he just happened to come with someone who was.

“He was not even invited to attend; Kim and Kanye did not know him,” she said. “We would not have been upset in the least if he had to leave — or never even attended in the first place — and he had not earned the trust of Kim, Kanye or me.”

A judge is set to review the case against Hurley on March 18 to decide if it should continue to trial.

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