'Saints Row 5' Direction Unknown, But Here Are Some Ideas

The Saints Row 5 direction is still unknown, but after the successful release of Saints Row 4 we can expect another installment eventually. It was revealed a while back on The Inquisitr that actor Jay Mohr could be reprising his role in a new Saints Row game, though it wasn't clear whether it was a new sequel or possibly new story DLC for the latest game. All we know is that he's done some voice work for a new installment.

After Volition's series attempted to take over the open world gameplay made famous by Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar's fans have not taken the appearance of a rival series lightly. With the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 and its sales getting it into the Guinness Book of World Records, it seems that Volition may feel the need to take the Saints Row series back to its roots.

Of course after blowing up Earth, a new direction for Saints Row 5 is pretty much necessary. How can they make a sequel after the planet has been destroyed, though?

'Saints Row 5' could toss out the last two games for a new storyline
'Saints Row 5' could toss out the last two games for a new storyline

Volition and Deep Silver could be considering the unfavorable feedback from Saints Row the Third and its sequel and using that as an excuse to go back to the storyline of Saints Row 2, where Jay Mohr played the villain Dane Vogel.

One possibility is that Saints Row the Third and Saints Row 4 were really just fever dreams of the Boss after getting shot and put into a coma. How else can you explain the way a gang leader became a famous musician and eventually the President of the United States, and then the man in charge of a spaceship which regularly hacks into an alien simulation? The story just got more and more ridiculous after the second game, and this could be how Volition is planning to move forward with the series.

Another possibility for a new Saints Row 5 direction is that the aliens staged the destruction of Earth to make the Third Street Saints believe they had nothing left to fight for. As a result, the crew we know is lost in space as the real planet is safe and sound. This opens up the series to a whole new group of heroes, and follows what the developers stated to be a "different direction" for Saints Row 5.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if Jay Mohr is indeed working on the sequel, it's only a matter of time before we see new details about the next Saints Row.

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