Chelsea Clinton Said She’s ‘Obsessed With Diarrhea’ During SXSW Presentation

Chelsea Clinton revealed some obsessions of hers in a recent Q&A at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, when things got a little personal after the former First Daughter said: “I’m obsessed with diarrhea.”

And she was not joking — in fact she was very serious — even though many in the audience laughed at her assertion, she asked the moderator if she could talk about diarrhea:

“I find the fact that more than 750,000 children still die every year around the world because of severe dehydration due to diarrhea unacceptable (this) no longer happens here in the United States is because we have clean water, largely.”

Clinton said the problem is very serious in underdeveloped countries and added it doesn’t bother her to talk about the topic as she is not squeamish like most people are.

While making her speech she asked for followers to send her questions via Twitter using the hashtag #AskChelsea, however, the social media site went down a few minutes prior and was inaccessible for almost an hour, coming back online in time for Chelsea Clinton’s presentation.

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and potential presidential candidate and former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham-Clinton has plenty to share and got some interesting questions that she answered fully.

When asked if she has taught her very famous parents anything Chelsea Clinton said she had taught them how to text and charge their phones, which was a “very mysterious thing for them at the beginning.”

While her mother is making headlines with a possible run for the White House in 2016, Chelsea Clinton didn’t discount her own political aspiration of one day possibly running for the highest office in the land. She said that at the moment she just doesn’t know and even though her answer has been negative for a while, she is not ruling the out the possibility.

Even though the 37-year-old has not been involved in politics at a young age — as her parents were — she campaigned for her mother’s Presidential nomination for the Democratic party in 2007 and 2008 — which was unsuccessful — and introduced Rodham-Clinton at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Cheslea Clinton also revealed that she would do mock debates with her parents when she was growing up, “My parents expected me to have views and opinions,” she said. “When I was six-years-old I would debate against a parent and the other would be the moderator.”

The SXSW Interactive Festival is an annual meeting of technology and digital experts who have earned a reputation for starting new and innovative ideas in all business areas. Chelsea Clinton joined Neil deGrasse-Tyson, Anne Wojcicki, Adam Savage, and Austin Kleon as keynote speakers.

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