Madison Home Invasion: Three Men Break Into Home, Gang Rape Pregnant Woman

A Madison home invasion case that involved three men breaking into the wrong home and then raping a pregnant woman they found now has three more suspects facing prison time.

Police in Madison, Wisconsin, said three men planned a home invasion but broke into the wrong home on the city’s north side on February 23. The suspects knew they were not in the intended home, police said, but decided to violently attack the two sleeping victims in the house anyway.

One of the victims, a woman six months pregnant, was gang raped by the men.

The police have now arrested a total of six people in connection to the brutal Madison home invasion, and are leveling charges that could put them behind bars for decades. Police had already nabbed the three men accused of breaking into the home — Kristopher Hughes, 20, Michon Thomas, 22, and Eric Bass, 23. They have been charged with six counts of first degree sexual assault, as well as armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

This week three others were arrested in aiding the Madison home invasion. Efemia Neumaier, 21, and DeAndre Mayweathers, 23, are accused of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, while 22-year-old Demarco Mallit faces charges of aiding a felon and theft.

The attackers left the home after roughly 45 minutes, and the pregnant woman who had been raped escaped to a neighbor’s home. When no one answered the door she walked to a nearby business in subfreezing temperatures.

Police said the shocking nature of the rape and the fact that the victim was six months pregnant make this one of the worst cases in recent memory.

“I can tell you that in my 27-plus years of policing here in Madison, this is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes that I’ve ever seen,” says Interim Chief Randy Gaber.

Both victims of the Madison home invasion are being given assistance by the Dane County Victim/Witness Assistance Program, and counselors there are asking the entire community to offer support to the six months pregnant woman who was gang raped.