Doris Day Celebrates 90th Birthday With Fashion Show (For Dogs)

Doris Day is planning to celebrate her upcoming 90th birthday next month with a party at her own hotel, The Cypress Inn in Carmel, Calif.

Day is planning the event to be an auction to raise funds for the cause dearest to her heart, the Doris Day Animal Foundation. The fundraiser – already sold out – will include an animal adoption event, a fashion show (for dogs) and a gala dinner for her fans and friends.

The auction will comprise of items autographed by Day herself, as well as those signed by other celebrities, including Paul McCartney and Tony Bennett.

Doris Day (born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff) said she really doesn’t enjoy her birthdays and doesn’t want cards or gifts. She wants her fans to contribute to the cause of helping animals.

Day started her singing career in 1939 working with big bands and went solo in 1945. In the following 20 years she made over 650 records. Her career in the movie business started in 1948 and she made a total of 39 films before her last movie in 1968.

Day started to work in television due to a sequence of unfortunate circumstances. Her third husband, Martin Melcher died in 1968, and it was then that she learned that he and a business partner had lost all her money.

Before his death, Melcher had committed Day to a series of TV contracts. Although she was not happy to do the work. she felt a sense of obligation – and the money was useful.

Doris Day was married four times, and her love and commitment towards animals was cited as a cause for her divorce from her last husband, Barry Comden. He complained that she cared more for the animals than she did for him.

For sure she has a deep involvement in many animal welfare projects which bear her name. Apart from her foundation, she created the Doris Day Animal League and a facility to help horses called the Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center.

In her lifetime, Doris Day has known many ups and downs. Hopefully she will enjoy her 90th birthday and the years that lie ahead.

Appropriately, in the words in this video of a younger Doris Day ” Que Sera Sera!”