Daft Punk And Jay Z Collaborate On Unreleased Track ‘Computerized’

With the multitude of Daft Punk-sampled songs sprouting up online – some of which are obvious fakes – it has been quite tricky to determine whether the good ones are legit or not. A reported collaboration between the French electronic duo and American rapper Jay Z has surfaced online and it is very good. Entitled “Computerized”, the four-minute track features Jay Z playing a Luddite of sorts, rapping about all things hi-tech in today’s personal relationships. Daft Punk’s robot crew takes care of the Vocoder-infused chorus that declares that “Everyone will be computerized”.

Although there hasn’t been clear evidence that a Daft Punk – Jay Z collaboration actually took place at any point, avid fans of the French duo are inclined to believe that the song is authentic. A portion of the track began appearing in various message boards late last year, but the full version finally surfaced on Monday on the Daft Punk fan site The Daft Club. According to a post from VICE’s music channel Noisey, the song’s intro contains a sample from the duo’s 2010 “Tron” soundtrack, specifically the song “Son of Flynn”. Jay Z’s bars, however, cannot be traced from any other song he has done. Rolling Stone magazine suggested that the track may only be a demo version.

The track was also reposted on a Kanye West message board with the claim that West was involved in the creation of the song as a producer. Online music publication Pitchfork later dispelled these claims and also confirmed the song’s legitimacy, although it did not cite its source.

Daft Punk is considered one of the most successful electronic acts of all time, with a career spanning two decades and counting. The duo is also one of the most celebrated purveyors of French house music, which they combined with synthpop elements. They have released four critically acclaimed albums, the most recent one being the Grammy-winning Random Access Memories. The album featured multiple collaborations with various artists including Italian producer and DJ Giorgio Moroder, the Strokes vocalist Julian Casablancas, Canadian songwriter Chilly Gonzales, and American rapper Pharrell Williams among others. Daft Punk won as Best Pop Duo at the 2014 Grammy Awards, and took awards for Best Dance/Electronica Album as well as Record of the Year (for “Get Lucky”).

Daft Punk feat. Pharrell: “Get Lucky”

Jay Z is no stranger to collaborations, judging from his recent projects. The Grammy-winning rapper is making another release of the vinyl version of his Collision Course collaboration with rock band Linkin Park in 2004. The song “Holy Grail” from his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail, which featured Justin Timberlake, won a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Jay Z feat. Justin Timberlake: “Holy Grail” (clean version)

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Jay Z Daft Punk Collaboration: “Computerized”. So Hot!