Katharine McPhee Reunites With Husband After Cheating

Former American Idol contestant, Katharine McPhee, gets a second chance at love with husband Nick Cokas, as seen on pictures taken over the weekend.

McPhee, 29, and Cokas, 42, were married in 2008 at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church.

Nearly five months ago, McPhee was caught in a photograph kissing her Smash director, Michael Morris, who is married to actress Mary McCormack of The West Wing and In Plain Sight. Reports say that the director was kicked out of their home after the infamous pictures with McPhee surfaced. However, he was let back into the home a few months after the scandal. Morris is still married to McCormack despite rumors of divorce. They have three children together.

The kissing incident happened after McPhee and Cokas were already split up for nine months, but some say that McPhee’s relationship with Morris had been going on for quite a while. McPhee and Cokas kept their separation private, and it only reached the public after the pictures of McPhee kissing Morris surfaced. When the pictures appeared, McPhee said that she was embarrassed about being caught with her indiscretion.

Since the kissing incident with the director, McPhee has not publicly mentioned the status of her relationship with Cokas. Her tweets stopped when the kissing photos were released in print and online. Cokas has also been missing in action since the incident.

Katharine McPhee Spotted With Hubby Nick Cokas After Cheating Scandal

A source close to the actress says that she has been working hard to reconcile with Cokas, and the two are working together in order to make their marriage work. She even bought him a Rolex, just to make her feelings clear. Inside reports also say that Cokas is leaning towards reconciling with McPhee.

The two are said to still be living separately, as they have been for a year, but have been spending more and more time together in recent weeks to get close to each other once again. Over the weekend, McPhee and Cokas were photographed in L.A. while walking three of their dogs. They were later photographed getting breakfast and coffee. McPhee was wearing denim shorts and matching top, while Cokas was in sneakers, jeans, and a blue top. The two were spotted chatting away just like old friends.

Whether the former couple will officially get back together remains to be seen.

McPhee will be appearing alongside Mike Vogel in the TV movie In My Dreams, which will be premiering on April 20, Sunday, on ABC.

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