Kristen Bell Goes Back To Neptune Through 'Mars'

Kristen Bell's most popular recurring character will finally get some closure when the Veronica Mars movie opens this Friday. Bell plays the titular character on a show that developed a cult following despite three seasons on the air. Kristen and her fans would probably actually claim the series actually only really got two and a half, considering the third season, Bell's character's freshman year in college was shortened.

Now the movie version of Veronica Mars is about to go live six years after the series was canceled and its welcoming back almost every recognizable character from that the television show. It wasn't a particularly easy road from the small screen to the big. Kristen Bell and other members of the team that put the show had to be convinced there was a need for a movie version.

Crowdsourcing the funding for Kristen's latest big screen project was one way to convince not only those involved in production, but audiences nation wide there was still a demand. Producer Rob Thomas set out to raise $2 million through the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Not only did Kristen's movie hit that goal inside of the first 24 hours, it nearly tripled it taking in around $5.7 million one day after the Kickstarter went online.

That incredible push to get Veronica Mars and all of her cohorts onto the movie screen genuinely moved Kristen Bell. Appearing on ABC's Good Morning America, Bell said she was blown away by the support the effort to get the movie funded received.

Veronica Mars takes place in the fictional California town of Neptune, where the very rich and the very poor cross paths only by accident or as employer and employees. Kristen's character was one that straddled both worlds thanks to her father being the town sheriff and then as a top private investigator after he was run out of office in disgrace.

Bell's helped her father's PI business by taking cases of her own, most of which involved fellow students from Neptune High School. Along the way, Kristen's titular character had to navigate a complicated love life that included Hollywood bad boy Logan Echolls. It's Echolls' brush with the law that brings Bell back to her hometown years after heading to the Big Apple to serve as a high powered lawyer.

Getting Bell to reprise a role she left behind long ago was impressive but not nearly as impressive as getting almost the entire cast from the original cast to return. Kristen Bell and her buddies all coming back for the movie will make it that much more sweet when the film gets released in theaters and through digital download on March 14.