Oblivious Missing Woman Joins Search Party To Look For Herself Until 3AM

A missing woman who was vacationing in Iceland unwittingly joined a search party that was actually looking for her.

The incident occurred back in 2012, but it has only recently started to do the rounds across the Internet. Which, quite frankly, isn’t that surprising because this tale of intrigue has everything; beautiful scenery, a daring rescue and a leading star who is apparently so covert she can’t even recognise her own description.

According to the Toronto Sun, who reported on the story back in August 2012, the ordeal took place on Saturday 25 August, 2012 near Iceland’s Eldgja canyon.

A group of tourists spent several hours searching for a woman who had gone missing from their tour bus, which had been traveling through the country. It’s believed that the automobile had stopped near the volcanic canyon in the southern highlands at some point on the Saturday afternoon.

After her excursion over this rocky terrain the unnamed woman decided to to change her clothes and spruce herself up before getting back on the bus.

This turned out to be a bad mistake, because when she returned to the automobile her bus-mates were unable to recognise her. So much so that they soon informed the leader of the party that they were actually missing a member of their posse. The big question here is what sort of soap did this woman use to clean herself with? Obviously it works a treat.

A description of the missing woman was then compiled, and even though she was hearing herself being described she was unable to see the similarities so simply joined in the search.

Around 50 people then started to walk across the landscape trying to locate the woman, and after a while several vehicles were deployed to assist their efforts too. As they struggled to find her the coast guard even prepared a helicopter to scour the area.

Fortunately this wasn’t needed, because at around 3am, around 12 hours after the search had begun, the woman suddenly recognised that she was indeed the person being searched for.

Presumably she then embarrassingly informed the powers that be of her mistake, before hopefully apologising to the literally dozens upon dozens of people that had just been wasting their time looking for her.