Kim Kardashian ‘Hugs It Out’ With Stranger Who Slammed Into Her Car

Kim Kardashian was involved in a car accident Tuesday, but the world can breathe easy — the reality TV icon is just fine. In fact, even though it appears that Kim was not at fault in the mishap, she was perfectly sweet to the total stranger who put a hurting on her Mercedes SUV.

Here’s what happened, as pieced together by various media outlets who specialize in this sort of thing, most notably the supreme celebrity stalker TMZ which is the place where the Kardashian car mishap was first reported:

Kim Kardsahian was behind the wheel of her Mercedes, in the left turn lane on North Camden Drive in Los Angeles. Following all traffic regulations, she was signaling with her blinker to make a turn on to Benedict Canyon.

The intersection is off Sunset Boulevard, very near the historic Beverly Hills Hotel.

The other driver in a silver sedan was signaling for a right turn as he approached the Kim Kardashian vehicle, but for whatever reason, the man failed to make the right turn he was indicating with his blinker.

The result, his sedan crashed straight into Kim Kardashian’s Mercedes as she pulled out to make the left turn.

Fortunately for Kim, and for fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians around the country and indeed, the world, the curvaceous paparazzi favorite was barely shaken up. She got out of her car to inspect the damage then invited the other driver to the Beverly Hills Hotel so they could exchange contact and insurance information — just like normal people would do!

Neither Kim Kardashian nor the driver who banged into her suffered any apparent injuries in the fender-bender. When it was all done, they “hugged it out,” according to one report.

No one called the police and there were no traffic violations cited or reported. Setting an example for her legions of fans, Kim Kardashian proved she can handle her own problems.

The soon-to-be Mrs. Kanye West has reportedly set a May 24 wedding date with the Yeezus rapper, so a serious car accident might have put the Kim Kardashian nuptials Number Three on hold. But by some act of providence, everything turned out okay.

Image: Kim Kardashian Instagram