Realtors Caught On Tape Having Sex In Client’s House, Homeowner Makes Video Public

Two realtors were caught on tape having sex in the home of a client, who unknown to the realtors, had video surveillance in the house which caught the amorous pair. Homeowner Richard Weiner, formerly of Wayne, New Jersey, made one tape public Tuesday, and it was scheduled to air on the syndicated TV program Inside Edition Tuesday evening.

But you can check out an excerpt of the pheromone-fueled realtors engaged in their illicit activities, below.

Their mortifying “caught on tape” moment is more than an embarrassment for former Coldwell Banker realtors Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan. The tape is evidence in a legal battle between Richard and Sandra Weiner, and Lindsay. The Weiners are suing the fired realtor, who was canned from Coldwell Banker shortly after police arrived at the Weiner home in January of 2012, catching him just as he was pulling on his pants.

The Weiners allege that Lindsay deliberately set the price too high on their home — too high to the tune of $650,000 — to discourage buyers for as long as the raunchy realtors desired to use the domicile as their own little love nest.

“They used our home as a cheap motel,” Weiner says.

The Weiners filed their lawsuit in December, alleging that realtors Lindsay and Phelan used the home for 11 risqué rendezvous, all caught on tape by the Weiners’ home security system.

In turn, Lindsay filed a $900,000 countersuit against the Weiners, claiming that the aggrieved homeowners attempted to extort cash out of him by threatening to go public with the X-rated “realtors caught on tape” tale. But Weiner denies the blackmail claim.

“We didn’t ask them for a cent,” said the homeowner. “We asked them for a meeting.”

Phelan not only lost her job with Coldwell Banker, she got a new job then lost that one when “Realtors Caught On Tape” became a national headline, in a country that devours any story that has sufficiently sexual subject matter.

The Weiners’ lawsuit alleges that Lindsay made his own copy of the key to their home so that he and Phelan could enter anytime they wanted and romp throughout the rooms. The tape recording caught the realtors having sex not only in a bedroom, but in several other rooms throughout the house.

When police showed up and found the couple having apparently just completed a coital act, “Lindsay lied to police by telling them that he was there to prepare the house for an open house,” the Weiner lawsuit states.

Despite the fact that the realtors were caught on tape, a lawyer scoffed at the lawsuit, saying, “I have never seen a more exaggerated claim in 48 years of practice.”