Malaysia Airlines: Families Claim Passengers’ Cell Phones Are Still Ringing

The fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is still unknown. However, 19 families have reported that their loved ones’ cell phones are still ringing. Although the families attempted to discuss the issue with authorities, they were largely ignored.

Cell phones that are disabled or in “airplane mode” usually route calls directly to voice mail. Strangely, numerous calls placed to confirmed flight MH370 passengers were met with ringing tones. Although the calls went unanswered, the family members were encouraged.

They argued that cell phone and tower records could help authorities locate their missing relatives. More importantly, they believe the ringing tones prove their loved ones are still alive.

Malaysia Airlines official Hugh Dunleavy confirmed that the cell phones of several crew members appeared to be ringing as well. Dunleavy said the names of the employees and their cell phone numbers were given to authorities for further investigation.

Adding to the mystery, a businessman reported that three of his colleagues’ QQ instant messenger accounts were displayed as online. As reported by Washington Post, the colleagues were confirmed passengers on flight MH370.

Although the unidentified man said the passengers were displayed as online through Sunday evening, they all logged out by Monday morning.

The ringing phones have raised a lot of questions about the fate of the missing plane and its passengers. However, wireless analyst Jeff Kagan may have a simple explanation. Kagen said that some cell phones produce a ringing tone as soon as a call is initiated, often before the network has time to locate the phone:

“… that does not mean the phone you are calling is ringing yet… The network is searching for the phone. First based on where it last was, then it expands. Then if the network can’t find the phone, the call terminates.”

NBC News reports that some phones could produce a ringing tone, despite the fact that they are turned off or destroyed. It is simply impossible to determine whether the phones are actually intact and ringing.

Although Malaysia Airlines has provided professional counselors, many families are frustrated with the lack of information. An early Sunday informational meeting became tense, as families were forced to stand throughout the meeting.

Authorities explain that they were asked to remove the chairs, as they could have been used as weapons.

Although the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains unknown, relatives are trying to remain positive and hopeful. Unfortunately, the lack of solid information has led to numerous rumors and conspiracy theories.

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