Andi Dorfman Named New Bachelorette On ABC

Andi Dorfman makes headlines today because ABC has announced her as their new bachelorette. Dorfman is a 26-year-old Atlanta District Attorney who competed for the heart of Juan Pablo on The Bachelor, Dofrman was a fan favorite of the show, but after her night in the fantasy suite with Juan Pablo she decided to dump the bachelor. Dorfman said:

“Waking up this morning I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite. The fantasy suite turned into a nightmare,” she said on the show.” I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like. The whole night was a disaster'”

Things got even worst for Dorfman when she confronted Juan Pablo to tell him that she was breaking up with him, and what set her off was that he said “OK”. Dorfman response was:

” It’s not OK, I left family and friends, and a job. I missed a wedding and things. I did that all willingly. I put myself out there, its not OK… you saying its OK comes off as you not having feelings.”

For Andi Dofrman none of that matters anymore because she is the new bachelorette, and she is ready to find true love. Dorman discussed why she is ready to find love again on ABC’s reality show with the host Chris Harrison:

” Are you prepared to come here, find love, and make that happen?” Harrison asked ” And that’s not a guarantee, but you have to enter it with that feeling.”

Dorfman response is: ” I am. I feel all in. I feel mentally all in, emotionally all in, physically all in. I am in the place in my life where I am just so ready for this. I hate to say it because I don’t want to jinx myself, and be like, ‘Im so all in and it doesn’t happen it’s the end of the world.’ But I am ready. I have never felt better in my life about this, and I’m just excited.”

The announcement for Andi Dorfman was made last night after the final episode of The Bachelor during the After the Final Rose special. The episode was intense due to Juan Pablo’s final decision to give his final rose to Nikki Ferral instead of Clare Crawely. This finale marks Juan Pablo’s final appearance on the show for The Bachelor’s 18th season, but now its time for Andi Dorman to have her own show on The Bachelorette.

[Image Via ABC]