‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan Is Ready For Maggie To Find Her Inner Strength

The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan is ready for her character to kick some serious zombie behind.

Before we get rolling, let’s discuss something first: If you’re a little behind on AMC’s hit series, then you might want to consider finding something else to read. There a few spoilers sprinkled throughout this article, and we wouldn’t want to ruin any of the show’s surprises. Consider this your final warning on the matter.

The Walking Dead recently put Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) in a pretty tough position. The couple was unexpectedly separated after The Governor destroyed the prison they called home. Now the characters are presently headed to Terminus, though it’s unclear if they will find happiness in each other’s arms once again.

Although life in the Walking Dead universe is understandably tough without Glenn by her side, Cohan is ready for Maggie to take matters into her own hands. If that means getting her hands dirty, then so be it.

She recently told The Hollywood Reporter about her character’s current situation on The Walking Dead:

“It bites her in the end, and it’s The Governor who takes away the last precious thing from her [her father, Hershel] and possibly her sister and her husband as well — not to mention the prison, the camp and their whole lives to boot. There is definitely a level of regret in there and recognition that she needs to put that warrior suit back on and not take it off for a while.”

Is there any chance that Maggie and Glenn will eventually reunite on this season of The Walking Dead? That’s anybody’s guess at this point. However, Cohan explained that their determination to find one another could ultimately help them survive in this harsh post-apocalyptic landscape.