22-Pound Cat Terrorizes Oregon Family

A 22-pound pet cat terrorized a Portland, Oregon, family on Sunday. Teresa Barker said her cat Lux suddenly became violent and attacked her baby. She and her family were eventually forced to barricade themselves inside a bedroom while they alerted authorities.

Barker said the incident began when Lux lashed out and scratched the baby. She admits that her husband responded by smacking the cat. However, Lux continued his aggressive behavior. To avoid further injury, the Barker family and their pet dog escaped into a locked bedroom.

Teresa explains that the family became trapped in the room, as “every time [they] opened [the] back bedroom door, the cat would hiss.” Left with few options, the family called the authorities. The 911 operator, who remained in the phone until police arrived, reported hearing Lux hissing and shrieking in the background.

As reported by CBS News, officers with the Portland Police Department responded to the scene. When they entered the home, Lux ran into the kitchen and hid on top of the refrigerator. The officers reportedly captured the 22- pound cat without further incident or injury.

Following the capture, police eventually managed to coax the Barker family out of the locked bedroom.

In an official statement, a representative with the police department explained that “the cat remained behind bars in the custody of the family… officers cleared the scene and continued to fight crime elsewhere in the city.”

The Barker family is unsure whether they will keep the 22-pound cat or try to find him a new home.

Cat Channel explains that cats may become uncharacteristically hostile for numerous reasons. The first line of action would be a visit with a veterinarian. If health concerns are ruled out, the cat may be reacting to changes in their routine or environment.

Some cats are specifically sensitive to change, and may display their frustration in an aggressive manner. As the Barkers had a new baby, it is entirely possible that the cat was jealous or simply annoyed with the sudden change in routine.

Families are urged to use caution when bringing a baby or a new animal into a home with existing pets. Cats and dogs can become jealous and aggressive when they have to share their home and the members of their family.

Thankfully, the Barker’s 22-pound cat did not cause any serious harm to their baby. Authorities report that the injury was minor and did not require medical attention.

[Image via Shutterstock]