Watch Bayern Munich Vs. Arsenal Football Live Online, UEFA Champions League

Fans can watch the Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal FC football match live online as the teams face off in a UEFA Champions league rematch.

The match takes place Wednesday at 8:45 pm. local time, GMT (3:45 pm ET) from Allianz Arena in Munich.

Bayern Munich outclassed Arsenal when the teams last met in February. Though Arsenal got off to an impressive start in the match, a blown penalty kick by Mesut Ozil shifted the tide and Bayern took control, taking the lead on a spectacular 20-yard shot from Toni Kroos just after halftime.

Bayern scored again two minutes later to seal the victory.

Fans who watch the rematch between Bayern Munich and Arsenal FC live online will get to see if Arsenal can overcome the odds and enact revenge. A match forecast from Bloomberg Sports predicts that Bayern has a 74.6 percent chance of winning against 8.1 percent for Arsenal. There is a 17.3 percent chance of a draw.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said his team has won big games in the past, even if they flubbed the last performance.

“We are focused on putting on a great performance,” he said. “The history, with last year, is important. We know we can do it this time because we already did it last year. It is a possible task for us. My team has quality and ambition. With a top performance we can do it. It would be absolutely great to win. A big win would set us up for the last few months of the season.

“Statistics are against us. But we have already won 5-1 against Milan. And we have won everywhere in Europe. We scored two goals in the last few minutes against Everton [on Saturday], so we can just focus on our game, without getting nervous. It would be helpful to score early, but we don’t have to. We can score later on too.”

Fans who want to watch the Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal FC football match live online can click here to get the Fox Soccer feed. Viewers in the UK can click here for the Sky Sports feed.