Justin Bieber's SXSW Performance Selfie Goes Viral Thanks To Student

AUSTIN, Texas - Justin Bieber's surprise appearance during a South by Southwest acoustic Sunday Funday event hosted by his manager Scooter Braun went down a storm with the 100 or so crowd at Banger's House and Beer Garden.

For María Núñez though, her over-the-top reaction would perfectly capture the incongruity of Bieber's attendance and would go viral once she tweeted it.

And once you see it, you'll understand why.

The University of Texas journalism student tweeted a selfie of her astonished, gurning face in the foreground while Bieber sat atop a stool on a stage performing in the background. The caption read, "My selfie with Justin Bieber #SXSW".

Within a short time the selfie was picked up by Yahoo!, Perez Hilton, who captioned it "Not ready 4 this...," with an arrow, Cosmopolitan and Mashable who delivered the zinger:

"Selfie perfectly captures your feelings about a surprise Bieber set."

Núñez's tweet received nearly 1,000 retweets and 1,200 favorites in less than 24 hours, USA Today reports.

"What the actual f*ck just happened," Núñez's later tweeted to another Twitter user, a few hours before realization dawned. Once she saw how big her selfie was, the student tweeted,

"Nothing's more iconic than finding out your face is being used as a reaction meme on tumblr #priceless."

Also tweeting a fellow UT student, "My facial expression hasn't changed since the time i took that selfie."

Meanwhile, Bieber was pushing out a few ripples of his own at SXSW.

From videos which we'll link here, Bieber can be seen ripping up the stage with an acoustic version of his hit "Boyfriend," a portion of Ryan Beatty's "Every Little Thing" and "As Long As You.Love Me" which he gave a special introduction to.

"This next song goes out to my baby," Justin declared onstage on Sunday, while looking at Gomez who stood to the side of the stage.

The day before, the 20-year-old praised Gomez's 2014 BorderFest show at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo as a "great show" after he attended, amid a PDA-packed weekend in Texas with the actress-singer.

Bieber arrived in McAllen Friday after testifying in a deposition over a photographer's lawsuit, and is still in Austin, Texas.

The two lovebirds set McAllen alight with their reunion but did manage to rehearse and film a short, dance video to John Legend's 2005 hit "Ordinary People" in a local dance studio.

The video shows a shirtless Bieber and a casually dressed Gomez dancing intimately and tastefully to the emotive piano track.

Other guests on stage during Bieber's set were Rixton, Cody Simpson, Tori Kelly, Dab+ Shay, and of course Braun.


The music portion of South by Southwest, begins Tuesday and will feature Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Willie Nelson and Kendrick Lamar.

As for Bieber, he has been hinting on Twitter about performing an acoustic set.

His musical director and guitarist Dan Kanter has arrived in Austin so it could be happening today or tomorrow we're told.

Gomez, who received rave reviews for her Texas shows, is thought to have left the States.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Bieber at SXSW Show with Rixton)