Avril Lavigne Is Extremely Thankful For Her ‘Loyal’ Fans

Avril Lavigne is extremely thankful for her legion of loyal fans, especially in an age where a new pop star is born every second.

Competing with up-and-coming recording artists can sometimes take its toll on established bands, singer, and musicians. If folks can’t keep up with what the public wants, then there’s a strong possibility some fans might decide to jump ship. Chances are there’s someone waiting in the wings to fill the void they left behind.

This is precisely why Avril Lavigne is so thankful for her loyal supporters. During a recent interview with The Star, the Canadian singer said she definitely doesn’t take her fans for granted.

“I feel thankful for my fanbase because they’ve been really loyal, which I’m grateful for. As far as new artistes go, there’s tons these days and it’s all about releasing singles, and sometimes you only hear one single from somebody, so it’s very different,” Lavigne explained during the chat.

Avril added, “I’m glad I came at a time that we sold records and people bought into artistes and their whole careers. The whole industry is different today, it’s more digital but I feel grateful. I’ve been doing this for 12 years now.”

Although Lavigne has sold millions of albums worldwide, she has a very strong following in Japan. The singer previously told The Hollywood Reporter that many folks in the country became fans during the early days of her career. This may explain why her latest album Avril Lavigne has a few extra tracks that are only available in Japan.

“In Japan, the audience is always in sync together. If you ask them to clap, they all clap. If I start fist pumping, they all fist pump with me. It’s pretty cool. In between every song, they stop and they’re quiet because they’re so respectful. Then if you play a fast song, they all start rocking out, and the minute you’re done, they stop,” she said of her Japanese fans.

Once she’s finished with her tour in Asia, Avril Lavigne will take her show to other parts of the world. The singer recently revealed on Twitter that she’s headed to Brazil in the very near future. Hopefully nothing will happen during her upcoming shows that force her to run screaming from the stage in terror.

Are you a fan of Avril Lavigne? Do you think the singer has the musical chops to hang around for the proverbial long haul?