Ohio Bar Shooting: Off-Duty Cop Celebrating Birthday Among Three Killed

An Ohio bar shooting left three people dead including an off-duty police officer celebrating his birthday, and authorities say it all stemmed from an incident when the shooter punched the officer’s wife.

The incident happened over the weekend in a northern Ohio nightclub, the Last Call Bar. Police said 33-year-old Igmido Mista of Fremont opened fire inside the bar, killing three people including Jose Andy Chavez, a 26-year-old Elmore police office.

Manuel Chavez, the uncle of the murdered officer, said the suspect approached Chavez’s wife and started to argue with her and then punched the woman in the face. After the slain offers and a few others roughed up the man, the suspect reportedly left and returned with a gun.

Witnesses said Mista then pulled out a handgun and began firing indiscriminately, striking anyone who happened to be in his path.

“A little scuffle broke out, he felt he needed to pull a gun out,” said 25-year-old Ramiro Arreola, was suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the Ohio bar shooting. “Just started shooting everybody, innocent bystanders.”

Others killed in the attack were 28-year-old bartender Ramiro Sanchez and a 25-year-old customer, Daniel Ramirez.

Mista was arrested on Monday and charged with three counts of murder. A judge ordered that he be held without bond, with a local prosecutor saying he is not a United States citizen and had used relatives to help him evade police in the past.

The officer killed in the Ohio bar shooting had been at a birthday party for his daughter earlier in the day and went out at the suggestion of a friend to celebrate the his own birthday, which was earlier in the week. Jose Andy Chavez left behind a wife and two young children.