Denver Broncos Rumors: Jared Allen A Likely Free Agent Pickup, T.J. Ward Targeted

Denver Broncos free agency rumors indicate that a former Defensive Player of the Year could be on the way to help out a squad that was shredded in the Super Bowl.

Reports say that Jared Allen, who is headed to free agency after informing the Minnesota Vikings that he won’t be back next year, is almost assuredly going to end up in Denver.

The rumor would seem to have some bearing. The Denver Broncos were very close to completing a trade for Jared Allen back in October, and he would be one of the most attractive defensive ends on the free agent market.

Allen would be a strong addition to a defense that had a tendency to give up big yard and big points and then rely on Petyon Manning’s arm to save them. Allen had 23.5 sacks from 2012 to 2013, and another 22 in 2011 to earn him Defensive Player of the Year honors that season.

Jared Allen has also made it clear that he wants to go to a contender in 2014, and made some strong hints that the Denver Broncos are the team he has in mind.

Other Denver Broncos free agency rumors center on the running back position. Though Knowshon Moreno is a free agent, some believe that the relatively weak market for backs means that Denver can snag him back at a good price.

Some also believe that the Broncos could continue to shore up their defense by picking up one of the biggest names in free agency. reporter Ian Rapoport indicated that the Broncos may be interested in T.J. Ward.

Time will tell if any of the Denver Broncos free agency rumors come true once the free-for-all begins on Tuesday.

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