Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Team Wants To Make A Splash In Free Agency, Targeting Henry Melton

Dallas Cowboys rumors are flying as NFL free agency begins and the NFC East hopefuls look to make a splash.

Reports say that the Cowboys are looking to make a splash in free agency, even though they find themselves up against the salary cap. That leaves Dallas as bargain shoppers, and may mean they let the first wave of teams make big ticket signings before they dip into the free agenct waters.

The Dallas Cowboys free agency rumors seem to be focused on the defensive side of the ball, shoring up a team that was powerless to stop opposing offenses this year. Some reports have centered on Henry Melton, the defensive tackle who has spent the last five years with the Chicago Bears.

Melton is in an interesting position, coming off a 2013 campaign that ended with a torn ACL. The Bears have been reluctant to re-sign Melton despite being one of their best defensive players, and means he could come at a discount to whoever signs him.

“He’s back to running and doing really well,” said Melton’s agent, Jordan Woy. “He’s sprinting and stuff, so he’s kind of at the same time frame as [Anthony Spencer], roughly training camp for a return] or maybe a little earlier.”

He also has familiarity with Cowboys defensive coodinator Rod Marinelli.

“Henry’s from Dallas, he played for [Marinelli], obviously there would be interest from Henry’s side — but who knows at this point?” Woy said.

Clarence Hill of the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram thinks the Cowboys could have other targets in mind, including defensive ends Michael Bennett and Willie Young, wide receiver Robert Meachem, and quarterback Shaun Hill.

Dallas Cowboys free agency rumors seem to be an annual rite of spring, and given owner Jerry Jones’ proclivity to spent big money it’s likely this year will be just as active as ever.