Scarlett Johansson Stars In Racy New ‘Under The Skin’ Clip

Scarlett Johansson’s provocative turn in Under The Skin is set to show off a side of the actress that she has seldom exhibited in previous roles.

Johansson stars as an alien who hitchhikes across Scotland seducing citizens, before then murdering them. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Michel Faber and has been adapted by Walter Campbell and directed by Jonathan Glazer, who has previously worked on Birth and Sexy Beast.

You can check out the clip, which sees Johansson’s character seduce a man she’s picked up in her car, below:

The film was filmed in a rather unorthodox fashion. According to the Daily Telegraph, Johansson “donned a dark wig and a cheap fake-fur jacket” before driving around the streets of Glasgow trying to pick up men, after she had deciphered whether or not anyone would actually miss them.

Unbeknownst to the men being seduced, all of this was being captured by the film’s director from secret cameras that had been fitted inside the van. After Johansson had completed her endeavors, a team of individuals would then rush out to ask them to sign release forms to enable them to use the footage for Under The Skin.

Johansson admitted to the publication, “It was terrifying, but empowering. In that state of mind, I really felt like I was on a hunt.”


It’s been reported that the movie is so unsettling and disturbing that some male audience members have actually been spotted walking out of screenings.

“It’s funny how some people can’t sit through that,” she stated, “but they could see Saw IV or whatever and be completely numb to it. Sometimes it’s not even violence, just things that misogynistic or ageist or whatever and they can sit through it.”

Johnasson recently announced that she is pregnant with her first child, and Jon Favreau, who worked with the actress on Iron Man 2, has predicted that she will be a sublime mother:

“She’ll be wonderful. She’s one of my favorite people because she’s smart, she’s talented and she’s really down to earth and a hard worker. I like a hard worker. She really did a lot of work to train to play Black Widow [in the Avengers movies]. She’s always pleasant to be around and she’s got really good instincts about scenes, she helped me on Chef, she helped me a lot with the script and her character. She’s good people.”

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