Brawl Erupts At LA Fitness Gym [Video]

LA Fitness or Fight Club?

About 15 people got into a brawl at an LA Fitness gym that reportedly included the antagonists throwing weights and barbells at each other.

The incident occurred on Sunday in Roseville, Minn., a Minneapolis/St. Paul suburb, between two groups of “agitated males.” This particular LA Fitness outlet has a track record for as a hot spot; police responded to nearly 150 incidents last year (mostly theft-related) and 24 so far in 2014. According to one police official, the gym “is bordering on a public nuisance.” Law enforcement authorities are on record having previously asked the gym to increase security in the facility or least install surveillance cameras.

The fight apparently got started on the basketball court and then spilled over into the weight room. “Four males were fighting with one person on the basketball court and chased him into the fitness area, the complaints said. Customers and gym staff tried to intervene and separate the groups, and the LA Fitness manager tried to defuse the situation by directing the man being chased to stay by the front desk and juice bar, the complaints said. But the four suspects began to throw weight plates, barbells and a trash can lid toward the juice bar and the male target, according to the complaints.”

Responding police took three adults and three juveniles into custody. The adults were charged with disorderly conduct and participation in a riot. One of the suspects received treatment at a local hospital for a concussion and was later released; there were no other reported injuries in the LA Fitness brawl.

Separately, as The Inquistir previously reported late last year, a politician who ran for mayor of Minneapolis was attacked by two females with a billy club in a cell phone robbery. The incident occurred at the Mall of America in suburban Bloomington.

[image credit: M.O. Stevens]

Watch video of the LA Fitness Roseville brawl: