Michael Jackson: Aaron Paul’s Night With Michael Jackson

A new story about Michael Jackson has been revealed by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. Paul was a guest on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last Thursday, and he discussed a funny story about his night with Michael Jackson. Paul said he and Jackson met at a party in London for the Prince of Brunei.

“It was a very long weekend with Michael Jackson”, he said, “My buddy got invited to the Prince of Brunei’s birthday party outside of London at this castle and I was his plus one.”

Aaron Paul was surprised that Jackson recognized him at the time because it was before his debut in Breaking Bad. When Jackson saw Paul, he said, “Oh my God. You played Floyd in ‘Whatever it Takes’ “, which was one of Paul’s first movies.

Aaron goes on to discuss how he, Michael Jackson, and the Prince sat down and talked for an hour, “Then That night Michael, myself, and the Prince and about 10 other people got pretty drunk in the library bar. It was so bizarre.”

When Kimmel asked what they were drinking together, Paul answered, “We did shots of Tequila all night.”

During Paul’s time with Michael Jackson, he said they had deep conversations with each other about life and growing up.

However, what really got Paul’s attention about Jackson was his crisp, clean shirt, but Paul’s eye was focused on the “M” Sticker that stood for medium that was still stuck on Jackson’s shirt. Paul said, “I just wanted to take it off so bad, but no one wanted to bring it up.”

Aaron Paul must have made fans really jealous after he said, “I once got drunk with Michael Jackson”.

Paul was on The Jimmy Kimmel Show to promote his new movie, Need For Speed, which comes out this Friday. However, we all know him from his previous role as the infamous Jesse Pinkman in the popular show Breaking Bad. His role in Breaking Bad is what skyrocketed Paul’s career to where it is today.

Paul’s career is just beginning, and hopefully his new movie will be successful enough to continue landing him bigger roles. Who knows; maybe his night with Michael Jackson had a bigger influence on him then he realized?

Michael Jackson being formerly known as the “King of Pop” has influenced many people in many different ways, but that’s what Michael Jackson was known for, and why his fans loved him so much.

[Image Via ABC TV]