Watch The Bachelor Finale Live Online: Live Streaming Video Of Juan Pablo’s Decision

Viewers can watch The Bachelor finale live online and see whether Juan Pablo Galavis picks Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell — or maybe neither.

This season of the popular ABC reality dating show has been particularly noteworthy, and Galavis has garnered headlines for his controversial statements off the show and questionable behavior on it. Last week contestant Andi took herself out of the running after a fantasy suite date with Juan Pablo turned ugly.

Andi accused the Bachelor of caring only about himself, and not putting in the time to learn even the most basic details about her.

The season will come to an end Monday at 8 pm ET, when Juan Pablo will pick between the remaining two women, Clare and Nikki.


Viewers who watch The Bachelor finale live online will get to see if there are any fireworks to end the memorable season. The show’s host, Chris Harrison, has said Juan Pablo has generated more interest than any other Bachelor he can remember, and not for all good reasons. Some outlets have painted him as the “most disliked Bachelor of all time.”

Harrison said he doesn’t know if that’s true, but does admit that Juan Pablo is a big draw with viewers.

“I don’t know how you answer that,” Harrison says. “Do you answer yes only if they go on and get married? Because there are plenty that haven’t that were good too. I look at our fans; the ratings have been fantastic, the buzz around the show is insatiable and that makes for a good Bachelor…. People want to follow Juan Pablo because he’s unpredictable. People more and more want to talk about this and ask questions.”

Viewers can watch The Bachelor finale live online thanks to ABC’s Watch Live function. The live streaming video may not be available in all areas, but for those who miss out on Monday the show will be put online within a day of airing.

[Images Via ABC]