Florida’s Notorious Speed Trap To Be Removed? Hampton Population Is 1 In 25 Cops

Will Florida’s notorious speed trap in Hampton city be removed?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one woman was arrested for warning others about a speed trap. But almost nothing can beat the story about the motionless car being issued a speeding ticket by an automated traffic camera.

The reason that Hampton is considered Florida’s notorious speed trap is because of the manner in which it was set up. The money from speeding tickets was allegedly use to set up a police force that comprised about four percent of the entire population of the town. It’s claimed that other crimes ran rampant while cops sitting in lawn chairs will point radar guns at everyone passing by a small stretch of busy highway passing a mile outside of town.

Sheriff Gordon Smith says the speeding tickets may prove to be the town’s undoing:

“It became ‘serve and collect’ instead of ‘serve and protect.’ Cash register justice. Do y’all remember the old ‘Dukes of Hazzard’? Boss Hogg? They make Boss Hogg look like a Sunday school teacher.”

While that sounds bad, it gets worse when you consider how Hampton’s government officials managed to lose track of the money gathered by Florida’s notorious speed trap. Dan Krassner, a co-founder of Integrity Florida, says thousands of public officials in Florida have been convicted of corruption since 1976 and it appears as if Hampton may be among them:

“It’s a mess. Clearly, there has been misuse of public funds and lack of oversight. The cronyism and nepotism is out of control. They don’t look good.”

Investigators have turned city hall upside down looking for evidence of wrongdoing. It’s estimated that over $1 million has gone missing and no one can show where it’s been used within the city. It’s possible that Hampton may lose its status as a city in Florida because of its speed trap shenanigans.