Servite High School Collapse Video: Weight Restriction Or Jumping The Cause?

The Servite High School theater collapse is being investigated and already some believe it’s possible the weight restriction may have been exceeded. But it’s also possible the reason the stage collapsed was because of what the student were doing.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the collapse of the Servite High School stage is said to have injured 24 students, with the worst of the injuries involving broken bones.

The Red and Gold rally has been a Servite High School tradition since 1971 where girls perform on stage at the all boys school. The theater was opened in 1977 and its stage is 50 feet wide and 25 feet deep. Several performances have already taken place that night before the wooden stage gave away at around 10 PM.

“Early investigations suggest the front of the stage gave out due to weight,” Anaheim police Lt. Tim Schmidt said. In addition, the police officer said “investigators will be rechecking that permit to see if it included a weight restriction or a limit as to the number of people who could safely be on the stage at one time.”

While most reports claim that “only” 250 students were jammed on to the stage, other unverified reports claim the number may have been as high as 400. But it’s possible that basic numbers were not the deciding factor in why the wooden stage suddenly buckled. If you check out videos of the Servite High School theater collapse you can see that the performance by the girls included them all jumping up and down in unison:

Investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of the accident. While this writer cannot say for certain whether or not jumping was a factor at the Servite High School theater, I can relay my own experience with setting up a similar event. As it so happens, I was involved in setting up a hip hop event that was hosted in a building with a wooden stage on the second floor. The weight restriction just happened to be 250 people, but I was warned this did not take into consideration whether or not all these people were jumping up and down. In response, we issued warnings to that effect in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

What do you think about the video of the Servite High School theater stage collapse?